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A Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Network featuring local artists from around the Tristate area. An alternative host for the homegrown independent.



Cinema Toast Crunchcast

A movie can be like a bowl of cereal;


The hosts of CINEMA TOAST CRUNCHCAST, Ricky Glore & Mike Flinchum, watch some of the best and worst cult classics and decide which it is. Opinions vary, discussions get heated, but you decide if the munch involves a crunch.

Sit back and enjoy as our hosts welcome guests for interviews, reviews and retrospectives of some of Hollywood's crunchiest/soggiest movies around!

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Stay Crunchy!

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Laughs per minute

LAUGHS PER MINUTE is the podcast where notable guests talk about their journey into the world of comedy.

On our main episodes, hosts Loren Hutton and Ricky Glore break down the interviews into three segments:

EMCEE - In this segment, we chat about the origin story our guest have into the world of comedy and stand up. What/who were their influences and when/why/where did they first get into comedy?

FEATURE - We examine the work they did to elevate their craft. Who did they start working for and how did they grow? When/how did things begin to "click?"

HEADLINER - Finally we chat about where they are now in their comedy career. Where do they work? Who with? How has their style/growth/life affect their persona and comedy on and off stage?

On our minisodes, on the off weeks from our bi weekly interview episodes, we ask our guests, WHAT RIFFS YOUR BITS???

On WHAT RIFFS YOUR BITS??? we want to find out what annoys our guests about stand up, performing, writing, venues, anything specific about comedy and the scene that really irks them personally.


Hosts - Loren Hutton and Ricky Glore

Executive Producer and Editor: Joe Strecker

Recorded out of: IHeart Radio Studios in Cincinnati, OH

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Howard Schwalbach and Nick Hiance sit down to tackle a wide variety of topics, ranging from paintball to small businesses, and everything in between.

Join them for their pithy take on the hard-hitting issues. Some episodes may contain explicit language due to the fervor and zealous nature of the hosts. Consider yourself warned...there’s no middle ground with these two!

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Justin James Woodcraft

Veteran owned and operated custom woodcraft.

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